1) Where can I view the sample of Echan Screen’s insect screen?

You are always welcome to visit our gallery. Our staffs will assist you to select the screen that will suit your needs. If needed, our stall could assist in taking the measurements of the window from your home to provide an accurate quotation.


2) Can Echan Screen guarantee a mosquito free environment after installation of the insect screen?

Our aim is to provide the best solution to create a mosquito free environment. In the event, if you ever face mosquito disturbance issue after insect screen installation, kindly contact us and we will assist you accordingly.


3) Can I install the insect screen if I don’t have iron grill window?

Yes, as the insect screen do not require an iron grill window to be installed. However, if the user decides to install an iron grill in the future, the screen might not fit as the size of iron grill may vary.

4) Can the insect screen be installed on all types of window?

Yes. Different type of insect screen can be used on different windows. Our staffs will guide you on suitable insect screen for your windows.


5) How long does it take to install the insect screen after measurement is taken?

It will take 7 working days. Normally, it takes 4 hours of installation time for landed property.


6) Do you have warranty for your products?

All types of insect screen have a 6-year warranty except the folding insect screen series which has 3-year warranty. The warranty is only applied for accessories and manufacturer defect. Human defect after installation is not included in warranty.


7) What colours are available for insect screen?

The standard colour for aluminum is natural anodized. We can spray the colour according to user preference. There are 16 colours available to choose. However, wire mesh is available only in black and grey colour.


8) Can all insect screen be dismantled for washing?

All types of insect screen can be dismantled for washing expect folding insect screen series. It is easy to assemble after washing. Replacement of spoiled wire mesh is available.


9) Do you sell DIY products?

Yes. You can provide us the dimension for the product of interest. You can also request for self-installation.


10) Is quotation free of charge?

Of course, quotation is given free of charge and time is given for our customers to make decision. Our aim is to provide good service to our customers. We are happy to assist and advise on any requests and quotations by customers.

11) Do you all participate in any home decoration and renovation fair?

Yes. We do participate in decoration and renovation fairs.